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Wellness Studio Luisa in the Grand Hotel Toplice

Two thermal springs were discovered on the shore of Lake Bled in 1818.  A hotel, a forerunner of today’s Grand Hotel Toplice, was built on this spot, right by the lake, in 1850.  The hotel was named Luisenbad in 1854, after Luisa, the wife of the owner.  This is the origin of today’s Wellness Studio Luisa in the Grand Hotel Toplice.

The Luisa Studio was built around a thermal spring, which is used to fill the thermal pool every day. The studio is a small wellness center situated just a stone’s throw away from the famous Lake Bled. The center is distinguished by its elegant baths surrounding the healing thermal water spring. The water in the elegant thermal pool, which was built in 1925, is drawn from a hot spring and has been ascribed healing properties for almost two centuries.   It is believed that bathing in the thermal water has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous system, while drinking the water soothes the stomach and other internal organs. The water temperature in the Luisa Wellness Studio pool is 22 °C (about 70°F). Deckchairs are provided around the baths for guests to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Bled and the Alps. The Jezero day bar with a terrace is located next to the Luisa Studio.

Several massages are offered.  For a complete list of all their services, we recommend you visit their website and find the catalog.

The Luisa massage (80 minutes) is a specialty of the wellness center.  It is a massage of the body, face scalp and fee with warm essential oils of your choice.  For extra warmth special warming pads are used (€65)

The 50-minute Classical Massage is a full-body massage beneficial for general wellbeing.  It improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, nervous system and joints.  In place of oil, a unique massage lotion is used that moisturizers and nurtures the skin. (€46)  It is also possible to get a 50-minute Classical Massage with the addition of warm herbs.  Warm herbs improve blood circulation and soothe and alleviate pains in the muscles and joints. (€48)

We were given a “Couples Classical Massage” by therapists Petr and Tera.  The most unusual feature of this massage was the use of herbs administered to the skin prior to lotion and massage by daubing on the skin a gauze-type sock or ball filled with crushed herbs.  This was a 50-minute massage that included the back, both sides of the legs and arms.   It was a wonderful experience, leaving us both feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Luisa Studio offers a number of unusual treatments in their catalog.  One is the “Chocolate Massage” (50 minutes, €48).  This massage features the use of cocoa bars containing natural cocoa butter that moisturizes and nurtures the skin.  Another is the “Lux massage with warm wax” (50 minutes, €48).  As the brochure states, “Each Lux massage is a journey into a world of sensuality and wellbeing for people who want to take a pleasant moment to spoil their bodies and souls.”  Then there is the “Effective touch massage,” (50 minutes, €50).  The Babor Effective Touch massage is centered on touch.  It reduces energy disruptions, tension and stress.  There is also a “Decleor aromatic massage,” (75 minutes, €65). This is a full body massage with a range of aromatic balms.  It is a unique way to stimulate the senses and the flow of energy across the meridians.  The “Ayurveda massage (70 minutes, €69) brings relaxation with an anti-stress effect.  It contributes to body cleansing.  It cleanses the body and improves circulation and wellbeing.  This massage is performed using warm herbal oils based on Indian medicine.

Finally, there is the “Massage mosaic,” (80 minutes, €76).  This is a relaxing combination of facial massage, body massage and foot massage with balms and oils of your choice.  The massage is complemented by warming of the body with warm herbs and relaxation over selected soothing teas.

There are several unique packages offered by the studio. One is the “Fusion of Relaxation and Cuisine,” for couples where your body and taste buds both are pampered.  It begins with a rose bath with soya candles and champagne and strawberries.  Then 40 minutes of unlimited use of the saunas and baths, followed by a 4-course dinner at the Julijana Restaurant (€130 per couple).  A second is called, “Relaxation Day.”  The package includes an anti-stress massage for 50 minutes followed by unlimited use of the saunas and bath and then tea and snacks. (€55 per person).  A third option is called “Spa Day with a Friend.”  This is for two women who want to be pampered together.  The package includes a Vita Basic facial treatment, 40-minute manicure and nail polish, 50-minutes rejuvenating body mask, 30-minute use of the saunas and baths, and a dessert with cocktails (€97 per person).

As their brochure states, the aim of the Luisa Studio is to “create a pleasant retreat, providing relaxation of the body and spirit for all who long for friendly warmth, peace and an intimate ambience.”  Their desire, they say, “is that you may be able to leave some of your tension here, find a higher quality of life and be better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life.”  We found that we were in good hands throughout our visit and appreciated the professionalism, service and attention of the therapists.

Wellness Studio Luisa
Cesta svodode 12,
4260 Bled,
Phone +386 4 579 13 71
Email: studioluisa@hotelbled.com
Website: www.sava-hotels-resorts.com

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