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Vila Joya’s Joy Jung Spa

vila joya spaThe fabulous Joy Jung Spa offers a variety of holistic and traditional massage and skin treatments.  Here you can relax and find restoration of body and soul in the East-meets-West décor in what many consider to be the finest hotel/restaurant/spa of Portugal’s highly acclaimed Algarve region.

The spa complex offers a Facial Room—featuring a view of the Atlantic, a Gym—also with a view of the ocean, a Couple’s treatment room, an Outside treatment room, Private relaxation areas, Sauna, Steam bath, Adventure showers, a heated outdoor Jacuzzi, two outdoor swimming pools, and a large garden area.

The couple’s treatment room is ideal for a romantic weekend or special occasion, such as celebrating a Wedding Anniversary. The second treatment room has incredible ocean views. The Vila Joya’s location and ambience are considered the best in the Algarve.  You’ll discover the fabulous ocean vistas and secluded gardens will cause you to feel as if you’re in your own private version of paradise.

Upon arrival at the Joy Jung Spa, one immediately senses the interplay of water, air, light, sound and fragrance beginning to take their collective effect upon body and mind.  Soft lighting, the sounds of water, and the rhythmic, musical cadence of flutes and stringed instruments gradually melt one’s cares away.  Gentle fragrances and the skilled hands of trained therapists combine to bring back a lost energy and restoration to tired limbs and torso.

Passing through the beautiful, hand-crafted portal entrance into the dimly lit Spa, our therapists met us and explained the procedures of our couple’s massage.  Before starting our session, we were asked if there were any health conditions or areas of concern of which our therapists should be aware.  We were then ushered into the couple’s massage room, a low-lit refuge of serenity with fragrances and sweet sounds of soft music gently wafting through the air.

Our session, The Joya Signature Massage for Two, was a full 50 minutes of sheer delight.  The application of essential oils helped rejuvenate and restore skin while strong hands massaged tired muscles, making me feel fully relaxed and satisfied.  Then came the thought, “I wish it would never end,” but when the final moment arrives, you know you’ve been pampered in a healthful, restorative way.

All therapists are trained in holistic and traditional Indian and Ayurvedic treatments. Anti-Stress, Detox, Weight-Loss, Yoga, Fitness, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Reflexology, and Swedish Massage are some of the techniques and treatments one may find available.

Below are some treatments and costs listed on the Spa’s website.  Prices and treatments are, of course, subject to change without notice.  At the vila joya spa1time of our visit in May 2015, the Joy Jung Spa personnel informed us the Spa was about to undergo a substantial change and upgrade in their treatments, moving toward a full-line of natural products and holistic techniques.  We were also informed there were no available printed materials for us to use here to explain all that will become available.  We we will be happy to update this review once we are given more details concerning the Spa’s on-going and proposed changes.


Head Massage                                     30 min             45 Euro

Back, Neck or Shoulder Massage       30 min             45 Euro

Back, Neck or Shoulder Massage       60 min             90 Euro

Relaxing  Massage                              50 min             90 Euro

Revitalizing Massage                          50 min             90 Euro

Deep Muscle Relief                            50 min             110 Euro

Detox                                                  50 min             90 Euro

Foot Massage                                     30 min             45 Euro

Revitalizing Leg Treatment                30 min             45 Euro

Joya Signature Massage for Two        50 min             170 Euro



Basic Manicure                                              35 Euro

Medical Pedicure                                           45 Euro

Spa Manicure                                                 65 Euro

Spa Pedicure                                                  65 Euro

Spa Packages are also available.  Check website and hotel spa for further details.  Often, there are special packages available on the Hotel/Spa website which include room, meals and spa treatments.

Vila Joya Hotel, Restaurant and Joy Jung Spa

Estrada da Praia da Galé

8201-917 Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

Telephone: +351 289 591 795

Website:  www.vilajoya.com

Email: info@vilajoya.com


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