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Three Dogs & A Moose Lodging

Three Dogs & A Moose LodgingOkay, so first, the name.  The three “dogs” are Kim, Denice, and Matt.  The moose is David and, together, the four friends were inspired to pool their resources and create what they call “an alternative lodging experience” for folks who visit Moab.  Just don’t let that word “alternative” scare you, because built within that magical word is every reason to spend a day or two or more here, drinking in everything these cottages have to offer.

First of all, the location couldn’t be better.  Your lodging is steps away from the best part of Moab’s dining and shopping establishments. (We walked to dinner after a full day of hiking and exploring because it felt so good to stroll in the early evening.)  Having this kind of accessibility is great, yet you’re not on the “main drag” and you’re certainly NOT holed up in some ordinary rectangular box called a motel or hotel.  Nope.  (By the way, those are the kinds of places you’ll find on Main Street.)

The second reason is the incredible comfort and ambience of these cottages.  We stayed in the French Quarter, the premier cottage of the four.  The stats indicate it’s 1200 square feet, but it feels like much more.  This place comfortably sleeps 6 people offering a king bed, a pair of twins (upstairs), and a king sofa-bed featuring a Temper-Pedic style mattress (downstairs).  Check out the very helpful You Tube video of this place by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmSIF1-gHLM  BTW, these guys are very proud of this suede couch sofa bed I’m now sitting on, and they deserve to be!

Yet another reason to spend time here is the lovely landscaping.  We lounged outdoors, under the hanging wisteria arbor and listened to the water feature while trying to identify the myriad of plants and shrubs flourishing before us.  Just around the corner was a hot tub, open until 10:00 p.m. each night.  That just reminded me….I’ve got to go for a dip.  Be back in a moment.

OK, I’m back.  (You don’t believe me, do you.)  The evening was cool, but I took a towel and walked over to the hot tub, folding back DSC_0428the cover.  The spa was big enough for Three Dogs And a M–, oh, well.  It was set at 102 degrees and all I had to do was push the button for “jets” and jump in.  Sweet.  A full moon and some clouds meant there were few stars out, but the aromas wafting over from the Main St. restaurants were knocking me out with tantalizing scents of roasted meats and so many herbs I couldn’t keep count. (And I had already eaten dinner!)  It was too much to bear—I had to leave the comfort of the hot tub but discovered a huge, stainless steel barbecue grill there, looking ready for a group of friends to rival the Main St. roasters.  What a fabulous place this is, to have a family reunion or share a holiday with another couple or just spoil your honey with an awesome get-away.

The You Tube video is great, but you can’t possibly appreciate all the attention to detail found here.  I like the choice of textures used for the floors, the red-tiled bathrooms (upstairs and downstairs), the Mexican tile in the kitchen and downstairs area, and the beautifully restored, original wood floors on the second floor.  It appears that the four friends each brought their own tastes to this place—an eclectic blend of textures, colors, imagery, and flavors.  It’s remodeled and renovated but fresh, new and chic.  Every few moments you want to walk around the place again, noticing things you missed in your previous inspections.  Did you notice the wood paneling on the back of the kitchen counter is the same as the upstairs master bath?  (See what I mean?)  Speaking of the bath, check out the double shower head and the tastefully executed corrugated galvanized metal interior.  What a concept!  And brilliantly executed.

Every chair, sofa, bar stool and Adirondack garden chair is an invitation to sit, relax, and enjoy, whether it’s a novel from the bookcase or a cup of coffee from beans you can grind freshly for yourself.  Yep, first thing I saw in the fridge was a jar of coffee beans.  I found the coffee maker on the granite tiled counter and in the drawers below I found the filters and the coffee grinder.  Yeah, baby!  Who needs to run out to the local espresso lounge when you can have your java right here, as strong as you like it.

I don’t know the four friends personally, but I imagine them to be something like the cast of characters from the TV hit, “Friends.”  It seems like they had a good time putting this place together and that they worked as a team bringing in their distinct personalities and gifts of humor and whimsy.  There are parts of this place that say, “Let’s do something different here, but we’re going to do it with class and flair.”  Yes, but it’s deeper than that.  It’s a place intended to bring someone a little more joy with the day, maybe a little more joy than you’ve experienced for awhile.  The shade of yellow downstairs is definitely a happy color.  There’s a touch of mirth and merriment here, not like the Seven Dwarves are going to show up at one of your French doors, but the brightness that is the impressionistic painting of a flower on that wall over there.

How does one capture the experience of a room, a house, a garden, the smells, the fabrics, the amenities, the little joys and the bigger hurrahs of a team project that screams out “Well Done!”  Yes, you guys succeeded.  I don’t know what you set out to do, I don’t know what toils and expenses and fears you faced along the way that tested your friendships, but I do know this:  What you’ve achieved is remarkable, authentic, satisfying and (hopefully not going overboard here) glorious.

Well done.

Three Dogs & A Moose Lodging

171 & 173 W. Center St.

Moab, Utah 84532

(435) 260-1692



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