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The Spa at Willows Lodge

The Spa at Willows Lodge is the perfect place for a massage, body treatment, facial or special treatment package incorporating several modalities.

I arrived fifteen minutes before my scheduled appointment to fill out required paperwork and change into a comfortable robe and slippers.  This particular spa does not have a locker room.  Instead, guests may use a shower/restroom before and after their treatments.  Clothing and shoes are placed in a basket which is taken by an attendant.  My massage therapist, Kippi, welcomed me and escorted me to one of five cozy treatment rooms.  Soft music played in the background but there were no unique aromas of effects in the darkened room.

Before stepping out for a few moments, my therapist instructed me to disrobe and use the closet for robe and slippers, then get under the blanket and sheet on the massage table, face up.  (This was the first time I could remember starting a massage in the face up position.) All the Licensed Massage Practitioners are trained in a variety of styles from which you may choose.  Massage times are generally 60 or 90 minutes, although the Hot Stone Massages are 50 and 80 minutes in length.

Massage Treatments listed include the following:  Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Hot Stone Scrub, Relaxing Scalp Treatment (30 minutes), Pregnancy Massage, Jet Lag Massage, Sports Recovery Massage, Lomi Lomi, and Thai Herbal Ball Massage.  My therapist asked me what kind of pressure I wanted to receive.  I said, “Medium, not too hard and not too soft.”  She understood and complied with my request throughout.

I informed Kippi that I was a journalist and might be asking her some questions along the way.  She said she was happy to answer anything I might ask.  My first question was, “What kind of massage will you be giving me?”  She said, “I call it ‘Kippi’s massage.’”  She said it would be a combination of different techniques, including some Thai and Lomi Lomi, although I wasn’t able to discern anything particularly unusual or that I hadn’t experienced before—except for one thing.   Periodically, she would stretch my limbs a little before massaging them.  Then at one point, she placed her thumb somewhere under each armpit and pressed firmly, causing a brief and slight discomfort as she pulled and stretched my arms.  Evidently there was something in that particular technique that was meant to do me good.  Therapists seem to have a certain favorite belief in certain techniques or modalities that somehow “release” or “relax” or “cause blood flow” to occur in the body.  I suppose there are certain philosophies of massage that teach their own ways of operating on the body with the intent to provide the ultimate benefits.  Another area she applied thumb pressure to was to certain muscles as she moved her hand  along my neck.  This was to relieve headaches.

Basically, the massage I received was intended to soothe and relax me.  That was clearly accomplished!  I was even more relaxed after using the steam room as Kippi suggested I do after my massage.  She said the steam would continue to build on the effects of the message she had given me, detoxifying and hydrating the skin.

Every massage is unique in that every therapist has a unique set of skills, experience and understanding of what it is they do.  In my particular experience on this day at The Spa at Willows Lodge, I found maximum enjoyment in my massage treatment.  Kippi was consistent in her application of pressure throughout my massage and gave the appropriate amount of attention to each area.  She also was personable, answering questions about her own life and experience while asking me about mine.  In a massage session, many aspects of one’s being are affected.  While this is not particularly a “spiritual” experience, the physical aspect of massage is enhanced by pleasant conversation.

Massage treatments at Willows Lodge include one for Couples, either in the Couple’s treatment room with fireplace or In-Room. On all massages, weekend prices (Fri, Sat, Sun) are $10-$15 higher than weekday prices.

The Spa also performs facial treatments.  All facials include skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, décolleté, neck and shoulder massage, mask, and hand and arm massage. There are three Decleor Skincare treatments (Willows Facial, Signature Facial and Signature Plus Facial).  Decleor Skincare was created in Paris over 40 years ago.  It is one of the founding aromatherapy skincare lines using 100% natural essential oils.  Other facials feature Carita Skincare products created in Paris over 55 years ago.  It is one of the most prestigious and leading anti-age skincare lines, offering luxury and technology.

The two-hour Luxury Face and Body Treatment ($220; $240 on weekends) is The Spa’s most luxurious rejuvenating treatment for face and body.  It begins with a dry body exfoliation followed by an indulgent stress relieving back treatment using Decleor’s Youth Activator Body Serum.  The client is then enveloped in a powerful, luxurious, anti-aging body cream with pure essential oils of Immortelle and Frankincense that firm and protect mature skin.  While this works its magic, one is then treated to the Luxury Aromatherapy Facial, The Spa’s premier Decleor anti-aging Facial.

Body Treatments (Wraps) at The Spa begin with a gentle full body exfoliation, include a light back massage and a scalp massage.  All wraps use Decleor products designed to address specific needs of the client.  Made with essential oils, each wrap is extremely hydrating and nourishing.

Finally, the Spa at Willows Lodge is introducing its newest line, Intraceuticals.  Intraceuticals treatments have become the premier oxygen facial for a single reason: they work.  It is the only treatment that uses oxygen under pressure to deliver a special serum of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and peptides to the skin.  In just one treatment, skin is visibly younger and firmer.

The Spa has an outdoor relaxation pool in a secluded courtyard available to all guests of the Spa and the Lodge, in addition to the relaxing steam room.  Outdoor cabanas are available for seasonal treatments.  Guests at the Lodge may make appointments from their rooms by dialing extension 2900.

Located in the heart of Woodinville Wine Country, The Spa at Willows Lodge is about 10 minutes from downtown Bellevue, 30 minutes from Seattle, and 40 minutes from Sea-Tac International Airport.  Don’t forget to make a reservation at The Spa when staying as a guest in the fabulous Willows Lodge.

The Spa at Willows Lodge
14580 NE 145th Street
Woodinville, WA 98072
Hours:  Daily 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Information and reservations:  www.willowslodge.com
Spa Telephone: 425-424-2900



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