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Slot Canyons Inn Bed & Breakfast

Slot Canyons InnYou really need to visit this B&B in Escalante, Utah.  Wow, what a treat!

It catches your eye immediately off Highway 12, where you’ll see a very large sign.  You’ll also see a distinctive, dark gray, Sante Fe style structure with a nineteenth-century cabin in the back—that’s the Isaac Riddle Cabin.

There are eight fabulous theme rooms and the separate Isaac Riddle Cabin, built in 1890 that offers 1600 square feet of space with 3 Queen beds.  Here’s the place to bring your large family or a group.  Think about that holiday coming up or a family reunion.  This is the place.

In the newer building, we chose the Desert Rose, a huge room on the lower floor where we backed up our car to the front door and unloaded the suitcases.  This room offered a comfortable king bed with two-way fireplace a fabulous jetted tub (so important at the end of a day of hiking!) and a separate shower.  I am comfortably writing this piece after a relaxing time in the Jacuzzi, awaiting sunset.

If you’re visiting Escalante, you’re here for hiking, history and outdoor adventures of all kinds.  Since that’s a given, the Slot Canyons Inn is going to be a treat, because it’s got all that and more.

While checking in, we were given the lowdown on the property itself.  Friends, you’re on a one-hundred-sixty acre parcel, filled with history and authentic western ambience at its finest.  I mean, the town actually has a cattle drive where cowboys drive their herd across this property. And just a few steps behind the two buildings lies the site of an archaeological dig where rock art/graffiti provides evidence of a civilization dwelling here 10,000 years ago.

I was presented a research paper on The Rock Art Chronology of Northcreek Shelter.  A five-year project conducted by archaeologistspictograph found two granaries in the cliff face, abundant rock art, and many ceramic, bone, and chipped stone debris, as well as historic occupations.  Carbon dating came up with an approximate age of occupation going back to 8200 B.C.  We found numerous rock art figures on seventeen panels, including graffiti from ancient peoples all the way up to Mormon settlers.  Researchers identified five different cultures that inhabited or visited the area.  Archaic peoples consist of the first group who flourished circa 8200 to 200 B.C.  A second group was called the Fremont occupation whose culture was active between A.D. 400 and 1300.  Anasazi rock art found on the site dated from between A.D. 300 to 1300.  A culture group simply known as Historic/Protohistoric lived in the area sometime between A.D. 1400-1875.  Finally, Historic Euro-American contributions include the Mormon settlers of 1875 all the way up to modern graffiti.

Guests staying at the Slot Canyons Inn were free to go up to the archaeological site and find the evidence discovered by the archaeologists.  I took numerous photos of ancient artwork, some made with red ochre.  Ancient art includes both petroglyphs (scratched into the rock) and pictographs (painted on).  North Creek shelter is on private property so there are no restrictions about turning over artifacts to governing authorities.  On site is a fabulous display featuring many items found nearby.  On our first day in the lodge, a guest displayed twenty or more fragments he found, including several pre-historic sea shells, bone fragments, pottery shards, and sharpened stones, as well as an incredibly smooth stone that may have been an amulet.

Slot Canyons DiningWe arrived on Monday at a time when meals weren’t being served at the North Creek Grill on the premises.  They serve from Tuesday through Sunday from 5:30-9:00 p.m.  Menu items include brick oven pizza, steaks, fresh soups and much more.  Check out their extremely well-executed website for pictures, descriptions and instructions on how to make your reservation.  If I were you, I’d click right here: https://secure.areatravel.net/slotcanyonsinn/reservations.asp and make my reservation pronto as this place is going to soar in popularity.

There are a few other places to stay in Escalante, but none tops the Slot Canyons Inn!

Slot Canyons Inn Bed & Breakfast

3680 W. State Highway 12

Escalante, UT 94726

Toll free 1-866-889-8375

(435) 826-4901


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