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Restaurants at the Admiral Grand Hotel, Slano, Croatia

There are two main restaurants at the Admiral Grand Hotel in Slano, Croatia.  The main hotel restaurant is located within the hotel on the ground floor.  It is the location for the breakfast and dinner buffet meals.  The second restaurant is the Maritimo Restaurant and Beach Bar located by the outdoor swimming pool.  Here guests may order from the a la carte menu and dine alfresco.

Shortly after our arrival on the first day of our two-night stay, we enjoyed a seaside lunch at the Maritimo Restaurant and Beach Bar.  The hotel’s jelovnik (menu) featured cold appetizers, soups, hot appetizers, sea food, meat dishes, salads, desserts, sandwiches, a “kid’s corner,” wines and spirits, and even a pizza menu.

Our server brought us a basket of fresh homemade bread and a bottle of 2015 Intrada Pošip wine (13%) produced from grapes on the island of Korčula by Kranjancic.  We each began with 4 cold appetizers served on a single plate: 1) Dalmatian prosciutto, 2) Cheese kept in oil, 3) Octopus salad, and 4) Meat Carpaccio (sliced baby beef on ricolla salad with a piquant sauce). Ricolla is also known as rucola, arugula, or rocket salad.

For our main dish we had a combination of four Jela iz Mora (seafood) items, also on one very large plate.  There was a nice grilled Adriatic Sea bass filet, a large portion of monkfish in butter, calamari, and langostino.  These delicious items were served with a side of boiled potatoes, broccoli, tomato and steamed Swiss chard.

For dessert we enjoyed the classic Croatian custard known here as Dubrovacka Rozata, a generous portion of custard topped with caramel sauce.

For dinner we tried the restaurant’s buffet, which opens promptly at 7 p.m.  If the weather is good and you wish to dine on the terrace, we strongly recommend arriving at the buffet before 7 o’clock.  Hotel guests quickly move toward the favored terrace tables to stake out a place for themselves.  If the terrace tables are taken, there is plenty of room indoors, but the experience is a little noisier.  Since guests enjoy their dinner at a leisurely place, the next open table on the terrace may come after an hour and a half or two.

The buffet was extremely well-staffed and provided several excellent fresh foods.  There were many different selections of bread and appetizers.  Seafood salad (octopus, tomatoes, capers, onion, and olive oil), bean salad, and other prepared cold salads were plentiful.  There were also fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, etc. to make one’s own green salad with a selection of salad dressings. Beef soup with homemade noodles and cream of spinach soup were hot and tasty.  Croatia is a land of meat and potatoes, so you can count on seeing plenty of options.  On the first night’s buffet there was duck, pork and grilled steak in Madeira sauce.  There was also locally caught fresh fish.  The risotto was quite good.  Cooked vegetables were available.  I enjoyed the broccoli. Vegetarians would have no trouble finding plenty to eat and carnivores would be happy with the variety of options of meat.  There were, perhaps, up to six dessert options.  Raspberry cake, Nutella cake, cream cheese cake and a sour cherry frozen cream cake were four of the selections I tried.  It is possible to order wine or beer and bottled water at the table from servers who come by regularly to clear your dishes and check up on you.  Our wine for the evening was a 2014 Barrique Plavic from Vinogorje Peljesac in Dalmatia.

In the morning the breakfast buffet is open at 6:30 a.m.  The coffee is very strong here.  We asked our server to bring us cappuccino as well.  There are a selection of juices, yogurts and cereals.  We opted for fresh squeezed orange juice which we brought to our seaside table.  There are many bread options and toasters are available, along with butter and jams.  We found a wide selection of fresh fruit and, because our visit was in summer, a choice of many tasty options.  We both stood in a short line and waited for one of the chefs to make us each an omelet.  In addition, there were two kinds of scrambled eggs (one added Dalmatian ham), lots of bacon, sausages, and hot vegetables.  Croissants and various tasty pastries were in abundance.  There were even a couple trays of small chocolates for those with a morning sweet tooth.

Weather affected our dinner plans on the second night.  A storm was moving in, so our plans to dine at the Maritimo restaurant and choose from their a la carte menu were changed.  Instead we returned to the buffet.  We were happy to see that the main dishes were entirely different from the previous night’s fare.  On the second night there were fresh mussels Ston style (garlic, olive oil, white wine sauce), pasta, grilled veal steak with sage sauce, lamb, croquettes, gratinated tournedo, and grouper. Tomato soup and fish soup Dalmatian style were the new options.  Cauliflower, white rice, baked potatoes and zucchini were nice side dishes.  Again there were lots of cheese and crackers.  There was cheese from Pag Island, cheese kept in oil, Gorgonzola, and cheese from Livno. All the dessert items changed as well.  Various cakes of hazelnut, chocolate, berry, and ice cream were offered as well as a tasty chocolate-filled crepe.

Food and wine are exceptionally good at the Admiral Grand Hotel in Slano.  The setting for both the Maritimo outdoor restaurant and the hotel’s restaurant buffet allow for seaside dining with fabulous views of the harbor.  We were delighted with two marvelous sunsets, watching the sun go down over the hills beyond the harbor and seeing the lights turn on around the bay.  The sunsets provide a great opportunity to capture the perfect photograph of your dining experience that is sure to make folks back home wish they were with you.

The dining experience at Admiral Grand Hotel is first class.  White table cloths are always in use and changed regularly.  The place settings provide lots of silverware for several courses.  The choices, whether at the buffet or on the menu, are numerous.  And the service is also excellent.  The setting of the Admiral Grand Hotel in Slano could not be better.  We would say the same about the food and drink.

Ruđera Boškovića 13
20232 Slano, DUBROVNIK
Tel: +385 (0)20 888 888, +385 (0)20 888 000, +385 (0)20 888 200
Fax: +385 (0)20 888 555


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