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Restaurant Dubrovnik

The lovely Restaurant Dubrovnik is located atop an upstairs terrace on a side street in Dubrovnik’s Old City.  While it has seating for 70 persons, it can accommodate up to 150 people for special occasions when necessary.  Situated in a quiet neighborhood, the charming dining establishment is away from the bustling sounds of tourism going on throughout the city.  We enjoyed a quiet, lengthy lunchtime repast sitting in the cool shade under the retractable roof.  In the evenings, when the sun goes down, the covering is rolled back and the terrace comes alive with the enchantment of lights, people, and the prospect of great food and drink.

Gasper kindly welcomed us and spent a few moments at our table telling us a little about the restaurant. He seated us in a place of honor, across from the family crest—a carved bas relief in stone—on a building just two or three meters away.  Here was the Bonna family crest, signifying the family’s ownership of this area of the city, going back to the 13th century.  There were many members of this aristocratic family and their homes dominated this section of the city, but over time, through misfortune such as earthquake and disease, the family name died out.  They had tried to leave the city at some point to survive on an estate in the country, but were not successful.  In spite of the sadness of the story, we felt that tradition here was still respected and that there was something to be honored in its remembrance.  Today there are only 700 souls who inhabit the old city, down from about 5,000 perhaps 10 years ago.  More and more space in the city is being used for commercial purposes.

Situated literally minutes from the main street of Stradun and just a stone’s throw from the popular Green market the restaurant is one of the most stylish in Dubrovnik. The variety of its menu is also complemented by a superb wine list. A definite “must order” is the White fish baked in sea salt, a famous Mediterranean specialty served with cabbage and potatoes.

Chef Marko has many surprises in store with his Mediterranean specialties, either modern or classic, and sommelier Mario will provide solid information on Croatian enology.

Slavko was our waiter and brought us an amuse bouche from the chef. We enjoyed a small cube of cow cheese served in a very sweet hazelnut vinaigrette with two raisins and a slice of fresh strawberry.  It could have easily passed for a dessert due to the sweetness of the house vinaigrette.  Slavko recommended we start with a glass of Posh Pošip wine from Saints Hills, from the region of Peljesac. This is a popular, well-loved wine throughout Dubrovnik.

The dining choices here are to select either the degustation menu of 6 courses, (590 kn, and an additional 280 kn for 6 wine pairings) or to choose from the à la carte menu. The à la carte menu features 4 cold starters, 3 soups, 4 warm starters, 7 main dishes (lamb, veal, beefsteak, sea bass, white fish, turbot and duck breast), a kid’s selection, 2 salads, 4 desserts, and a selection of 4 cheeses (cow cheese, goat cheese, sheep cheese, and curd with almonds & honey).  We opted to order from the à la carte menu, noticing that many of the items we chose were also on the degustation menu.

Our first course from the Cold Starters menu was Ceviche Dubrovnik.  Unlike ceviche we’ve had in Latin countries, this ceviche was made of thinly sliced white fish filet and shrimp tails, marinated in citrus juice with peeled orange filets, pepper and flavored bread croutons. (130kn). Next came another cold starter, the amazing Goose Liver Pâté, served with carmelized steak bites, pistachio and steak duck breast, and hazelnut vinaigrette.  Our server brought us a glass of Grasevina Kasna Barba from Krauthaker, a perfect pairing, he said, to go with the pâté.

Our third course was perhaps my favorite.  It was the Wild Mushroom Risotto, served with truffles and seared foie gras (140kn).  This warm starter was unusually delicious and unique, with a large portion of seared foie gras and white truffle beautifully accenting the perfectly made risotto.

Next, from the main dish menu my wife had the duck breast served with rosemary and dried plum sauce.  This was accompanied by diced apples and pears along with Dijon mustard seed concasse (210kn).  I ordered the sea bass filet in black Istrian truffle sauce, served with saffron cream mashed potato and sautéed green peas. (210kn). The fish was perfectly cooked, tender, fresh and flaky.

There are four dessert items.  The first is white and dark chocolate semifreddo, figs and amaretj biscuit, roasted almond flakes and raspberry powder.  The powder is literally dusted on a slate black serving tray.  Second is Almond cake with Tonka bean ice cream with melted chocolate.  Third is Blue Poppy Seed Mousse with caramel and anise.  And the fourth selection is puff pastry filled with figs cooked in Prošek (a domestic dessert wine) served with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and hazelnuts.  Our server was generous to allow us to sample each of these except the second. They were all incredibly wonderful!

In the 2017 Michelin Guide, its inspectors wrote, “This romantic rooftop restaurant has a smart, stylish look, and its ebullient owner and his professional team ensure that guests have everything they need. Good quality Croatian produce is carefully cooked to create fresh, light, flavorsome dishes with a modern Mediterranean style; fish is a highlight.”  Perhaps, one day soon, this restaurant will be awarded at least one Michelin Star.  It would be well deserved.

Restaurant Dubrovnik
Marojice Kaboge 5, Dubrovnik
Phone: +38520324810
Mobile: +38598388816, +385992585871
Fax: +38520324803
Website: www.restorandubrovnik.com
Email: restorandubrovnik@gmail.com

Hours:  11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to midnight


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