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Olga’s Day Spa

olgasOlga is truly an institution in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Director of Olga’s Day Spa in the Snow King Resort, she is a marvel of athletic ability, physical fitness, and professional massage therapy.  Today, after 15 years in the same location, Olga and her staff provide professional spa services for guests at the resort, and serve an impressive mix of world-famous clientele in the area as well.

One thing you’ll find out about Olga, should she become your masseuse, is that she has an incredible treasure chest of stories.  The time spent during my one-hour massage simply flew by.  (I know, you want the time to last forever when you’re on the massage table.)  I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell her she should write a book.  Her answer to that was, “I have too much more to live.”  Perhaps she’ll release two volumes, then, when the time comes.

Raised in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to parents in the medical profession, Olga trained as a gymnast and was a reserve athlete on the Russian gymnastics team during the 1980 Olympics held in Moscow.  Afterwards, for many years she performed with Cirque de Soleil.  In time, she learned massage therapy in Russia and practiced on returning veterans from the war in Afghanistan, realizing that massage therapy had healing powers.  She has some incredible stories of helping injured veterans recover from debilitating wounds and injuries.

She’s been in Jackson now for fifteen years and became a U.S. citizen after the 9-11 terrorist attacks.  (She says wryly, “I felt you guys needed some help.”)  During her time in Jackson she has had the opportunity to meet a phenomenal number of movie celebrities, politicians, and world leaders.  She wants to maintain their confidentiality, and thus, had me promise I wouldn’t reveal their names.

One of Olga’s services is called “Masseuse On the Loose,” her term for making house calls.  She brings her massage table to clients so they can have massage in the comfort of their own homes.  Rates vary depending on location.  Since the Jackson Hole area attracts influential people from around the world, Olga has had the opportunity to offer them her massage skills.  Apparently, due to word-of-mouth recommendations, Olga’s clientele of famous persons has expanded exponentially.  I learned of actors who live in the area whom she visits on a regular basis.  One movie producer reserved all 200-plus rooms in the Snow King Resort during a movie shoot.  Olga’s skills as a massage therapist were put to considerable use during that time.  Because a number of world economic meetings have been held in Jackson Hole, Olga has been called upon to provide massage therapy to an impressive array of politicians, advisors, prominent business leaders, and other influential persons, including world leaders from the United Nations.

Olga’s Professional Spa Services include massage, herbal wraps, salt glows, facials, tints and waxing, spa puncture, and, eventually, acupuncture.

Therapeutic Massage features a blend of circulatory massage strokes promoting body/mind relaxation.  It’s designed to reduce muscle tension and stress, and it perfect for your sore, achy body.  Sessions offered last 30, 60 or 90 minutes and are priced at $50, $80, and $120.

Deep Tissue Massage is very strong, penetrating through layers of muscle.  This massage technique utilizes acupressure points in combination with compression and friction. There are also 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions priced at $55, $90, and $135.

The Snake River Hot Stone Massage combines massage with heat therapy generating warmth and energy to sore and tired muscles.  A Tandem Four Hands Massage features two therapists working at the same time.  An hour session is $160.

Finally, a “Workaholic Retreat” is a chair massage for folks who want a therapist visit to their office during lunch or a break.  Rates vary.

Facials include the following descriptions:  Age-Defensing; Deep Cleansing; Soothing; Nourishing; Luxury; Glycolic Peel; Back Facial, and Mini-Facial.  Prices range from $70 to $130.

Currently, Olga’s Day Spa does not offer acupuncture, although it is listed on her brochure.  She hires only the best when bringing in another therapist and is awaiting that perfect individual.

I was impressed with Olga’s versatility of treatments and, in particular, her technique of friction by which certain areas, such as the lower back, became very warm.  The feeling was not unlike a heating pad being applied there.  Naturally, the technique is not only relaxing for the recipient, but leaves one with the impression that an area very deep within is being reached in an uncharacteristic, healing manner.

Olga has about ten therapists in her salon.  Because of the demand, I don’t know whether you can book an appointment personally with Olga, but it’s worth a try.  If you can’t, perhaps you’ll find her book on sale one day, when she gets around to writing it.  It will be quite interesting to read!

Olga’s Day Spa

Located at the Snow King Resort

400 E. Snow King Ave

PO Box 3250

Jackson, Wyoming 83001

For appointments call: (307) 734-2468

Website:  www.snowking.com


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