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Body Sage Spa

The story of the Body Sage Spa revolves around its founder, Heidi Harrison.  Leaving behind a corporate career, Harrison traveled to the Far East, visiting Indonesia, India, Nepal and Thailand, eventually falling in love with traditional Thai massage.  Shortly after the Harrison family opened the Rusty Parrot Lodge in 1990, Heidi joined her family and began offering massage in a small room on the first floor of the lodge.  It became the first spa in the town of Jackson and remains a favorite of locals and visitors.  Today, her brother Brandon serves as General Manager of the Lodge, while Heidi is in charge of Sales and Marketing and serves as the Spa Director.

A new facility for the spa was built directly behind the Rusty Parrot in 2012 and offers stylistic changes from the Western-themed lodge.  Soaking tubs for couples and individuals are now featured in the relaxation process as part of the spa menu.

Harrison utilizes herbs and flowers gathered from the mountains and farms of the region or personally grown by her to create treatments unique to the spa.  She acknowledges her work fulfills a dream of offering guests an experience that is unquestionably unique.

The Body Sage Spa offers a wide variety of massage, sports packages, traditional spa therapies and aromatherapy facials.

Custom facials The Body Sage Spa offers treat high altitude hydration, and feature anti-aging, deep cleansing, men’s facial, teen facial, acne control, or any combination.  A “Back and Face” combination “facial” is also offered.

In addition to traditional Thai massage, guests will find a specialized Maternity Massage and an Integrative Massage featuring Swedish, sports, therapeutic, deep tissue, and stress relief massage techniques, or any combination thereof.

Package Treatments run from two-and-a-half to four hours and feature certain characteristic options that may also be combined.  Hammam features earthy scents and textures based on the bath house rituals of Morocco and Turkey.  Light floral scents are used in the Japan package based on Japanese bath house rituals.  The Sports Recovery Restorative package includes sports massage, herb wrap and scrub, concentrating on overworked muscles.  A Revitalizer package of two-and-a-half to three hours includes massage, facial and scrub.

Massage therapists enjoy using various heat modalities such as hot stones and specialty oils to customize treatment according to the need.  Comfortable, clean linens are always in use and treatments utilizing natural, organic elements have been standard since the spa’s inception.

Individuals within the current group of massage therapists at the Body Sage Spa have at least eight years of experience and are Nationally Certified.  This is of value to know as licensing regulations vary by state.  Wyoming, for example, has strict licensing requirements for estheticians but not for massage therapists.  Harrison’s staff consists of dedicated professionals who are highly skilled and provide the best in service.

During our stay at the Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa we found the spa was featuring three Body Treatments for the day.  One was their signature Eh Wah Kee Mud Wrap.  The others were the Mountain Herbal Wrap and the Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub.  These could be tried alone or added to a massage or facial.

Body sage spaOne particular herb featured in use at the Body Sage Spa is found growing wild in the mountains around Jackson Hole—arnica.  A principle in herbalism suggests that plants growing in a specific region will treat ailments common to that region.  Arnica is an herb known for easing the pain of sore, overused muscles.  The Teton mountain range attracts both professional athletes and overzealous visitors who seek relief after a vigorous day in the mountains.  Skiers, hikers, and bicycle riders who anticipate difficulty walking in the morning after a lengthy workout will benefit greatly from the Sports Recovery Package.  Therapists at the Body Sage Spa apply arnica that has been harvested and infused into oil in sports treatments.

The two or two-and-a-half hour package begins with a sports massage that includes arnica oil to soothe sore, overworked muscles.  Therapists massage the oil into the muscles with a gentle, circulatory technique that flushes the lactic acid out and lengthens contracted muscles.  Following the massage, a hot arnica wrap further loosens the contractions and allows the arnica to penetrate more deeply into the muscles.  In addition to the arnica, the wrap features other herbs grown or gathered by spa founder Harrison, including fir, comfrey, pedicularis, lavender and yarrow.  Finally, a body scrub further stimulates circulation and removes metabolic waste that causes soreness.  Harrison warns that, although it may sound tempting, a deep tissue massage on recently overused muscles will cause more harm than good.  It’s a better idea to alert the therapists at the Body Sage Spa that you’ve just had a big work-out so they can use the appropriate techniques to help you recover faster.

The Body Sage Spa is located at the four-star, four-diamond Rusty Parrot Lodge at 175 Jackson Street, Jackson, Wyoming.  More information and reservations are available at (307) 733-4455 or on the internet at www.rustyparrot.com/spa

The Body Sage Day Spa

Phone: 307-733-4455

Fax: 307-733-5566

E-mail: relax@bodysage.com


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