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No trip to Amangiri would be complete without an outdoor adventure trip.slots Guests are encouraged to enjoy local treks, guided hikes, fixed climbing routes called Via Ferrata, and canyoneering. Local guides and expert naturalists are on hand to provide tours of the incredibly diverse scenery and stunning geological formations.

One early morning we were fortunate to team up with Vince Swartz, owner Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures for a private tour of Secret Canyon, a unique slot canyon hidden deep on a Navajo Reservation. While hundreds of tourists visit places such as Antelope Canyon nearby, Swartz, an Arizonan who spent the first ten years of his life growing up amongNavajos, led us to a 1600-foot-long canyon that is strictly off limits to the public.

The joy ride of our 13-mile Hummer trip—including 42 degree “rock crawl” drops and barreling along washes, sand dunes and Vance’s “Hummer Half-Pipes”—was exceeded only by our journey through the wonderland of a slot canyon few humans are privileged to visit.

Our trip down the swirling corridor of these unique sandstone formations was punctuated by the click-click-click of our camera as we giddily sought to capture the many moods and patterns of filtered light illuminating the twisting canyon walls. Grooved sandstone rock, undulating and spun-out as if carved from a giant swirling Dremel rotary tool, appeared now orange, here rust-colored, there chocolate-brown, and then maroon. One jaw-dropping exclamation of “look at this!” was followed by another, then another. “I feel like I’ve been dropped in the midst of huge swirling chocolate machine,” “Can you believe it?” and “Amazing!” represent just a sampling of comments along the way.

Slot Canyon Hummer Adventures
12 North Lake Powell Blvd.
Page, AZ 86040
Telephone: 928-645-2266
Email: hummeradventures@hotmail.com or info@hummeradventures.net
Website: www.hummeradventures.net
Tours start at $99 per person.


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