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Adobe Grand Villas

DSC_0695Magnificent, enchanting, stimulating and sublime Sedona.  Imagine, for a moment, looking through full-length pane glass doors that open out to your balcony, to find spectacular Thunder Mountain, Chimney, and Coffee Pot monuments, right in the heart of Red Rock Country.  Yes, you are in the midst of it.  And the views aren’t even the best part!  Enjoying this moment as a guest within the Adobe Grand Villas Boutique Bed & Breakfast Resort makes the experience all the richer.

Our 850-square-foot Spanish Style private villa, situated on the second floor, was an oasis in the midst of a desert paradise.  Sedona itself has so much to offer, and nesting here for two days and nights brought additional refreshment to the heart and soul.  One of 16 luxury villas, each one unique in its own design theme, our deluxe suite was the Twin Kyody (pronounced like coyote, but with a “d”, a hybrid term, named after the owners’ twin grandsons Kyle & Cody).  Every amenity in every corner brought smiles of delight from both of us.

Wafting through the air as we entered our villa was the enticing aroma of bread, baking right there in our room, welcoming us with the warm fragrance of love and comfort.  We arrived after taking a morning hike to Sugarloaf Loop and Summit where a 360-degree view awaits, rewarding the effort of souls eager to drink in natural beauty in abundance.  Now we were rewarded again, this time with warm bread, light snacks and cold drinks in our mini-fridge.  I’ll have to admit, this is a place that makes it difficult to leave.  So glad we enjoyed the cool part of the day hiking and sightseeing, just before arriving here.  Boutique hotels are in a class by themselves, as every discriminating traveler knows.  Once you arrive at the Adobe Grand Villas, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can, in your villa and on the grounds.  Oh, there’s plenty to see and do in Sedona, but you’ll want to hang out here for the most part, just getting to know this sumptuous place.

I enjoyed the rugged look of the peeled log beams spanning the ceiling, inserted into the coffered, wavy, textured, lower portions, bringing in a woodsy, outdoor sensation. Two fireplaces, one in the living area at the foot of the king-size bed, and another beside the jetted tub, guaranteed warmth on demand.  The bathroom, as advertised on the Grand Villas website, was absolutely huge, and sported a walk-in bucket shower.  Yep, water pours out of a rope-suspended bucket above your head as you shower.  You’ll have to experience this for yourself! Now it’s something I’ve been able to cross off my, uh, bucket list.  It’s one of the many creative, special touches throughout this particular villa and the rest of the property.

There’s almost nothing common or store-bought here.  Everything is hand-crafted, authentic, and one-of-a-kind.  It’s eclectic but not eccentric.   As we were led to our room, our hostess remarked on all the hand-crafted items, including the entry door and the king-size bed.  Whether cabinetry, furnishings or objets d’art, one cannot help but notice the immense amount of thought, planning, care and workmanship that went into this place.  One feels pampered, well-cared for, simply being here.  Someone thought long and hard about creating an exquisite experience for discerning adventurers, and their creativity evokes a desire within the guest to appreciate all the effort, inspiration, and imagination poured into this place.  No, it’s not a cathedral, but it is a haven, a kind of sanctuary that bids one to come, stay, unwind, rest, become refreshed.  And enjoy.

After turn-down service came, depositing little chocolate mints by our bed, it was time to plunge into the jetted spa next to the swimming pool, surrounded by fragrant honeysuckle and other foliage.  The jetted tub in our bathroom afforded another opportunity to massage away the fatigue of the day, after which a cozy robe and slippers felt luxurious.

Mornings in Sedona are made for hiking, so we hit the Thunder Mountain trail, just up the road from our villa.  Walking just after sunrise allowed us to enjoy the spectacular views of Red Rock Country, and stimulated our appetites for the breakfast to come.  Back at the villas, we used the Keurig coffee machine to brew some rich-tasting coffee and settled in for a pool-side breakfast of fresh-squeezed orange juice, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, accompanied by a pair of sausage links.

A fortunate moment came when we met Steve Berman, son of owners Stuart and Ilene Berman, and father of Ryan and Twins Kyle and AdobeCody, after whom two rooms have been named.  Steve urged us to tour several rooms, emphasizing that the pictures on the website were inadequate to convey the rich splendor of each room.  He was right.  Next time I plan to stay in the Wagon Wheel Villa, a room featuring a functioning water wheel on the entry door, powered by re-circulating water!  My sons and grandsons would get a kick out of this room, equipped with a Murphy Bed and a covered wagon canopy bed.  Lassos, cowboy boots, a BB rifle, holsters, saddles, saloon doors, train track spikes, along with many other western-themed items compete for your attention and immerse you completely in the age and aura of the Wild West.  Steve built every door of these villas, intricate in design and execution, incredible in appearance, and massive in heft.  Similarly, each bed frame design is unique and spectacularly executed by Steve.  One particular room he enjoyed designing and building was the Visions Villa, a modernistic, metallic mélange of textures, images, light, and materials making for a unique sensory experience.  After viewing half of the inventory of rooms, I concluded the best way to enjoy the Adobe Grand Villas was to book a week here and ask for what I’d call a “hopper” pass, moving to a new room each day.  I don’t know whether that’s possible, but staying here for just a night or two is like trying to see the vast treasures of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg in a couple hours.  It’s well worth any amount of time you have to spend here, and if you don’t get to see it all in one visit, there’s always something to look forward to next time!

Sedona, Arizona’s second most popular tourist destination after the Grand Canyon, is a magical place.  Though its natural beauty cannot be improved upon, one’s experience of Sedona is greatly enhanced in a place like the Adobe Grand Villas.  The service is spectacular, the ambience is refreshing, and the mood is invigorating.  In chatting with members of the staff, it was easy to sense their thorough enjoyment, being in a place where there were intrinsic rewards, and where work felt more like play. There’s something about this place that, once it welcomes you, continues to woo you to stay longer, linger, and take time to notice, appreciate and smile.  And, before you leave, make sure you at least take a little tour of the doors.  You’ll come away marveling at the artistry and design of a master craftsman.

Adobe Grand Villas

Boutique Bed & Breakfast Resort

35 Hozoni Drive

Sedona AZ 86336

Reservations: 866-900-7616

The Villas 928-203-7616

Email: info@AdobeGrandVillas.com

Website: www.adobegrandvillas.com

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