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IPA TravelIPA is a Global Communications Network providing a database of news, information, features, profiles, pictures and stories for Finances, Travel, Health & Beauty, Automobiles, Sports, Entertainment and Dating for all ages.

IPA  generates the most interest in travel.  We have dedicated these pages to travel.  Our journalists are traveling the world looking for the most interesting places to stay,accommodations, destinations and the most adventurous activities.

Our focus is on luxury boomer travel.  According to AARP, baby boomers spend $120 billion a year on leisure travel. They are in their peak earning years, and the oldest of them have reached the prime age for travel.  The need for where to go, where to stay, what to eat and what to do once you get there has never been greater.  Our feature story highlights the best in travel with a focus on Boomers.

Come back often to see reviews of the best the world has to offer!


IPA Magazine is a 21 year old company.  Our Advisory Board is made up of professionals in the many facets of all subjects covered.

 Advisory Board
  • David Webster – Senior Editor – Film Finance, Media, Journalism, Television, Author, Business Owner and Lecturer
  • Peter Bogdanov~Journalist – Journalist, Published Author, Conference Speaker,Travel Writer Specializing in Luxury Hotels, Spas and Restaurants
  • Layne Bogdanov~Journalist – Photographer, Writer, Conference Speaker and Organizer, Travel Writer Specializing in Luxury Hotels, Spas and Restaurants
  • Shari Ravenscroft – Media- Film Finance, Writer, Lecturer, Business Owner


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