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A Tale of Two Cities

destinations2 Wait a minute! What?  This is Rome?  Cheesecake and apple cider?  What’s going on here?

That’s the way it’s done at Destinations Inn, a boutique hotel offering Around The World In Eighty Days’ ambience in opulent theme rooms.  Rome today, New York tomorrow, with a view of Idaho Falls out your window.  Can it be? Imagine that!  Take a trip across the best this planet has to offer, visiting fourteen colorful, charming suites, each capturing a part of the essence that makes cities like Rio, Venice or Paris come alive.  Some rooms depict themes of entire states, like Alaska, while others exude the flavors of Egypt, Thailand, Congo or Merry Olde England.  There’s just as much fun choosing a room as there is staying in one—no wait—that’s not quite true—staying in one of these rooms is an amazing experience.  And for us, with just a two-night visit, we sampled the charms of Rome and New York, without experiencing an ounce of jet lag.

After enjoying our welcoming repast (the substitutes for tiramisu and Asti Spumante were quirkily delightful)  we surveyed the Cecil B. DeMille-like room where Cleopatra and Mark Antony would feel quite at home, as would the actors playing them.  The four-poster bed was really a bed situated atop a walk-up platform surrounded by four Greco-Roman plaster pillars supporting gargantuan stone-like cornices.  The flowing drapes, tied off on the pillars, added a romantic touch, as did the soft lighting and soothing music.  In all the split-level rooms we previewed at Destinations Inn, climbing into bed also involved climbing up into bed.  That’s part of the charm of each themed suite, creatively designed to enhance vertical space as well as fully maximizing the horizontal dimension.

The Rome suite was clearly a favorite, according to our informal poll of the staff.  Each room in Destinations Inn is unique, yet affords a similar level of luxury in amenities.  Champagne bubbler bath tubs in every guest room gently massage your body with thousands of cheery bubbles.  The tubs figure prominently in each room—almost a centerpiece in some cases.  Water flowed into our New York Suite tub from a red fire hydrant! Ascend a drawbridge for the tub in the England Suite and you will discover the tub in the Venice Suite is a gondola, ready to take off at the foot of your bed.

Whoever served as the design engineer for Destinations Inn clearly loves entertainment systems.  Guests are treated to an in-room movie theater experience complete with motorized drop down screens as large as five to eight feet and ceiling mounted projectors.  The stereo surround sound system means you may sit or lie down atop your comfortable Serta pillow top mattress and listen to music or watch TV (local channels, HBO and Starz) or DVDs in luxurious comfort (a DVD library near the reception desk is available free of charge to guests).  The number of hand-held remote devices to control all the electronics can be daunting, but there are universal controls mounted on the wall as well.  Staff is available to help you navigate the systems, if you need help.  Techno-savvy guests may not want to leave their rooms for long.

A number of rooms also include an aromatherapy steam shower such as our Rome and New York suites, as well as the Venice, England, Thailand, Morocco and Congo Suites.  The Egypt and Arabia Suites include a cedar surround sauna. Some, like the Athens, Hawaii and Rio de Janiero Suites, offer a massage table. Several suites have a built-in gas fireplace.  All the rooms include microwave, refrigerator, hair dryer, and complimentary toiletry items.  One bottle of sparkling cider on ice and two pieces of cheesecake will await your arrival!

Choices for breakfast include a continental breakfast delivered to your room in the morning or a complimentary visit to a wonderful local restaurant just a stone’s throw away.  The Destinations Inn continental breakfast includes a cinnamon roll, orange roll, fruit and yogurt parfait, juice, coffee and choice of other beverages.

Destinations Inn is located in the heart of downtown Idaho Falls, a short walk from some of the finest views of the Snake River.  The 1905-built historical structure enjoyed a distinguished history as a grocery store, professional offices and clothing store.  Completely renovated over an 18-month period early in the 21st century, the new hotel held its Grand Opening in 2006.  Owners Larry and Debbie Fisher purchased Destinations Inn in 2010 and have made it a destination worth visiting.

Though you may never come to visit some of the far off places whose spirit is captured within the walls of this charming boutique hotel, a stay at the Destinations Inn in Idaho Falls may just be the next best thing.  They’ll keep the sparkling cider chilled for you!  (Cheesecake lovers will also be pleasantly surprised.)

Destinations Inn

295 Broadway

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

Telephone:  208.528.8444

Website: www.destinationsinn.com

Email:  stay@destinationsinn.com


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